Roosevelt Public Library

Obtaining a Roosevelt Library Card

General Library Card Information

The Library card number is the patron’s permanent number.  Patrons must report a lost or stolen card immediately.  A duplicate card will be issued for $5.00.

Roosevelt Public Library cards are valid for three (3) years after being issued.

Cardholders are responsible for all materials charged out to their card. They are required to pay for any damage or loss of library materials charged to them.

Library cards are not issued 30 minutes prior to closing.

Renew a Library Card

Library cards expire after three years.  In order to renew a library card, all patrons must show:

  • proof of residence in Roosevelt
  • no outstanding late fees or other debts on their card

If a patron moves out of the Roosevelt Public Library district, their library card becomes invalid.

Adult Library Cards

To obtain a Roosevelt Public Library card, adults must present one (1) item of proof of residence in Roosevelt.
Examples of proof of residence include:

  • a letter with the current month’s postmark addressed to the registrant’s home address  (P.O. Boxes are not acceptable)
  • a recent bill with registrant’s name on it
  • a valid New York State driver’s license or a non-driver’s I.D. issued by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles

Young Adult Library Cards – (7th – 12th grade)

To obtain a Roosevelt Public Library card, young adults must present one (1) proof of identity, (1) proof of residence, and proof they are in the 7th grade or higher.  If proof of identity verifies age (12 years old or higher), no proof of grade is required.

Examples of proof of residence include:

  • a recent report card and proof of residence
  • a dated letter from school verifying registrant’s name, address, and grade
  • a school library card
  • official class schedule for the current year
  • official school picture I.D. card for the current year

Children’s Library Cards – (kindergarten – 6th grade)

To obtain a Roosevelt Public Library card, children must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. 

The parent or legal guardian must bring with them:

  • the child’s birth certificate (with seal), school report card, or medical insurance card
  • one (1) item of proof of residence for parent or legal guardian, who must prove guardianship

The child must be able to fill out the front of the library application.  Pre-kindergarten children, who are able to write their own name, can be issued a library card.


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